7 May 2012

James MacMillan - Violin Concerto

Some things need no explanation. Here's Vadim Repin playing James MacMillan's violin concerto with the Radio Kamer Filharmonie and the composer conducting. It's all kinds of amazing (but too short as it's only a preview, the whole concert will be on Dutch tv soon!). You can read my review of the concert here if you like. I basically sat there grinning throughout most of the concerto because it is so my cup of tea.

p.s. Vadim Repin still looks a bit like Vincent d'Onofrio, RIGHT?!


  1. Ja! Ja, Renée, je hebt gelijk! Wat cool wakker worden zo :-).

  2. I adore Repin - his playing is just fantastic. Great blog by the way.

  3. Repin's always such a joy to see live!

    And thanks, I'll definitely be reading your blog from now on as well :).