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Hi everyone,

I started this blog because as I started getting more and more into classical music, I also had more and more friends tell me how they'd love to get into it as well but wouldn't know where to start. I have no pretension of being an expert, I'm a lover and a listener of music who just happens to read a lot. My parents did raise me with an awareness of classical music (Dvorak, Prokofiev, Andriessen, Bach and Stravinsky were particular favourites in our household) but it wasn't until I saw my first Shostakovich symphony in 2005 that my obsession started. Of course this obsession is still primarily Shostakovich-related, but I have gotten to know so many other pieces of music I love, and this blog's a nice way to share them with you.

In my everyday life I'm a philosophy student, focusing on Nietzsche and philosophy of religion. I'm from The Netherlands but currently live in England where I'm pursuing a PhD. I review concerts for Bachtrack, usually a couple of times a month, which is why I can see so many amazing concerts (I used to review in The Netherlands but have now switched to London-based performances). Experiencing classical music live is such an amazing thing to do, and it is often the concerts that I see/hear that inspire me to write posts for this blog. I am also in charge of the "Heavy Symphonic" playlist at 24Classics, which is an honour and a lot of fun. I try to update my playlist every two weeks with around 6 new tracks.

If you have any comments or questions, I'd be very happy to hear from you. My e-mail address is itisyouranthem@gmail.com. You can also find me on twitter.

- Renée Reitsma.

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