26 February 2012

Pekka Kuusisto at the Robeco Zomerconcerten

Now that it's almost springtime orchestras and other organisations in music are begining to announce their programs for next season. The first one I received was from the Robeco Zomerconcerten - who always organise fantastic concerts at the Concertgebouw in the summer (which is much needed - summertime is pretty boring when it comes to classical music!). And although there's definitely not enough Shostakovich (but really, there never is) there was one thing in particular that is already making me SUPER-excited: the amazing Pekka Kuusisto is playing four concerts!

I first saw Pekka Kuusisto a couple of years ago in the Concertgebouw with the Britten Sinfonia (who are also wonderful) playing Adams and some other things I don't remember. Pekka lead the orchestra and the music was amazing but he was also so damn charming and pretty hilarious. I've sort of kept track of him since then and last year I saw him play Rijnvos' violin concerto (I wrote about it here) which he did beautifully. He's currently doing a small tour with the Britten Sinfonia and Thomas Adès playing Concentric Paths and of course I am incredibly jealous of anyone who saw him play this (though I might die of excitement if I'd see Adès and Pekka on one stage). And really, I haven't talked enough here about how much I love him, so here's some videos for you to enjoy:

Here he is in 1995 playing Sibelius.

Pekka rehearsing with the Scottish Ensemble.

The Robeco Zomerconcerten at the Concertgebouw with Pekka Kuusisto are:
June 29: With the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, Vassily Sinaisky (cond.) playing works incl. Sibelius Violin Concerto.
July 4: With Ismo Eskelinen (guitar) playing a bunch of Paganini works.
July 23: With Iiro Rantala (piano) playing Finnish tango-pieces and improvisation.
August 22: With the Britten Sinfonia playing works incl. Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

I hope to see some of you there!

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  1. bedankt voor het delen!
    ik wil super graag weer eens naar het concert gebouw, wie weet komt het er deze zomer eindelijk van (: