31 October 2011

Vadim Repin and Paganini.

I am sorry for being a bit of a crappy blogger lately, I've just been so busy with uni (and watching tv shows.. maybe) that I haven't found the time to write a proper post. This won't be a proper post either, ubfortunately, I just have something to share with you! Last friday I went to De Doelen in Rotterdam to see the fantastic Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra (they're probably my favourite dutch orchestra) play works by Respighi, Prokofiev and Rachmaninov and it was an absolutely beautiful night. The Prokofiev piece played was his Violin Concerto No.2 (which I don't love as much as the first, but it's still amazing) and the soloist was Vadim Repin. Now, I already liked Vadim Repin lots because of his violin sonatas CD with Nikolai Lugansky that I wrote about here but this concert made me love him even more.He killed the Prokofiev and then, after a ridiculous amount of applause (the audience at De Doelen is generally pretty generous with applause - but this certainly went beyond the usual) he played Paganini's Carnevale di Venezia as an encore. It's an absolutely insane piece, and I have no idea how he managed to play it whilst being relaxed and joking around, but for some reason he did. So obviously I wanted to share this and fortunately there's some excellent videos on youtube. So here you go:

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