3 January 2011


First post in a new blog, always exciting.

I figured that it might be interesting to explain why I started this blog. On my own personal blog I wrote an entry about classical concerts a while ago (you can read it here) to try and explain my discomfort about visiting these concerts. There aren't many things I enjoy more in life than hearing these concerts live and seeing these orchestras, but the visit to the concert halls isn't always a particularely comforting one. And so, I decided that maybe I should do my part in encouriging more young people to go to classical concerts.

A lot of my friends have expressed interest in classical music, but they also usually say that they have no idea where to start. There is simply so much classical music that it can be incredibly overwhelming. I am obviously still learning about a lot of music and am hardly the most knowledgeable person in the world, but I am extremely passionate about the classical music I love. And this is where I think my opinions and knowledge might be of some value. I am not a professional music critic, so you won't hear me talking about specific notes or chords in a piece, nor about how interesting something is for musicologists. I am nothing more than a listener, which is why I have no intention of making this blog "professional". Instead, I will try to introduce you all to pieces and composers that I love. Every monday evening I will post a piece of music with some information about both the piece and the composer and recommendations for further listening.

I do feel that I should write a disclaimer saying that I have a very particular taste in classical music. You will probably not see me post much, if any, Mozart or Schumann or Schubert or Bach or many others. Although I will make sure that I will post both old (like Palestrina) and new (like Pintscher) music, I have a preference and will never pretend to be objective. Although this could be considered as quite a shortcoming, I just find it very important to post about music that I am passionate about. (So maybe I will ask my Bach-loving dad to write something about Bach, but it won't be coming from me!)

Anyway, I hope that this serves as an adequate introduction, I'll start posting music soon!

- Renée.


  1. Renée, this is so exciting. I've been looking for an introduction to classical music, and when you write it, at least I'll be sure you 1. have taste and 2. know what you're talking about. I'll follow this blog every week and let you know what I think. I still prefer Toto at this day - but magic can happen!

  2. I am glad you decided to set up this blog, because people like myself are clueless and require a little education and pointing in the right direction. As you yourself mentioned, there's a lot of classical music out there and it's a little daunting when it comes to figuring out where to start.

  3. There's a classical music blog that I used to visit and send to people willing to get into classical music: http://classicalconvert.com/